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From the point of view of transport, relocation from Atlanta to Miami is a very easy journey to make. A well-developed transportation system makes it possible to opt for the most convenient way to travel for people and property, small items, as well as bulky ones such as sofas or tables. You can take a car, a truck, a bus, a train or a plane. The choice really is yours.  

In addition to the aforementioned, there is also another way to get to Miami. Through the port. Its full name is the Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami and is located in the Biscayne Bay on an artificial island known as Dodge Island. Every year, millions of people use the services of the port which connects to the mainland via highway and a tunnel that is 1.21 km long. Unfortunately if you’re making the Atlanta to Miami move, this option sadly will not work since Atlanta is too far from the cost.

As for traveling by air, well it is one of the most popular ways to get between these two cities as both Miami International Airport together with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport play a vital role as transit airports in the south of the United States. In 2010, Miami Airport took first place in the US for its share of international flights and total amount of transportations, and second place for the total volume of international transportations. A Flight from Atlanta to Miami will take you less than two hours.

It is surprising but many people often make this trip by car. It takes a little over 9 hours normally but if you are moving then you’d better schedule two days for this trip leaving you amply time to make small stops from time to time to get some rest or to stop and see some of the sights, but don’t forget to use the service of local moving company or the one from Florida to get rid of problems that are connected with the packing your items, transportation all your things, leave this moments to professionals and enjoy the places you will pass on your way to Miami.

And somewhere around of the middle of the journey, you can spend the night at a hotel and get some proper sleeping done because the stress of moving can make you more tired than you realize and as always, safety first.

While moving from Atlanta to Miami, you will pass through the city of Macon, next to which is where the Ocmulgee National Monument historical and archaeological site is located. If you want to stretch your legs the park has several walking trails with a total length of 9 km.

The next town you will drive through is Valdosta which has the nickname “Azalea City” after the annual festival dedicated to these flowers which is held here in March. After all, the azalea is one of the most beautiful houseplants and people particularly appreciate it for its lush blooms that seem to bring a breath of spring in the midst of the winter cold.

Gainesville is a city where you can make a stop and see the local sights. One of the largest educational institutions, the University of Florida is located in this city with about 50 thousand students from more than 130 countries studying here. The Museum of Natural History at the University has the largest collection of butterflies in the world and is truly a sight to be seen. It has over 6 million butterflies!

Kissimmee City is also a good place for a short rest. If you have time, look at the attractions that are located here: The Colonial Estate, The Kissimmee Historic District, Osceola Center for the Arts and many others. You can also head to the Jungle land zoo or have fun in the Old Town amusement park which offers good opportunities for shopping and taking photos. If you are lucky you will see the small population of squirrels which pose for local residents and visitors.

Almost at the entrance to the city of Miami, you will see Port St. Lucie. This city is the place where Megan Fox started to learn how to be an actress and a model. It was here that she spent five years practicing dancing and participating in the local drama circle. Looking around this little city you will soon start to feel those relaxing Florida vibes.

After your move from Atlanta to Miami, you will soon see that you have started living in a very sunny city. So you can be sure that if you are looking for suitable sightseeing weather or something nice for walking, you will not have to wait for it long. Start with a visit to the center of Miami. Perhaps downtown will even become your favorite place in the city..

Take a morning stroll along the promenade. It is very beautiful here. Clean and quiet around with people taking a morning jog or walking their dogs. There is lots of white color here. White tall high-rises around the bay with quiet water, white yachts moored to the quay of white stone with elegant palm trees. The Palm trees are still green though.

If you are lucky you can see a pod of wild dolphins that prey on fish, sometimes they swim up very close to the waterfront, despite the fact that a large number of boats and yachts are located in the bay.

Experience the state of enthusiasm, full of relaxation and enjoyment in every moment of what is happening. Remember this feeling and remember it in the moments when you are tired or upset. This will help you to deal with a bad mood very quickly. That is of course if it possible to be in a bad mood here in Miami.

As you can see, Miami is the ideal place for living, that is why stop thinking and pack your things, find a new accommodation and let’s go to the place where you will never be in a bad mood. 

Don’t worry about the organizational aspects of moving, all the process will be done by professionals. Qualified local household movers will make everything for you and transport your belongings safely to your new home. 

Sunny city is waiting for you!

Choosing a Moving Company

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Your moving experience can vary from one company to another. How will you know which company to use? More importantly, learn how to read and compare estimates from different moving companies.

American Legion Movers is proud to present the ultimate guide to choosing the right moving company.

The Checklist

  • Is the company licensed, insured and certified?
  • Is the company a PRO MOVER certified?
  • How many complaints does the company have?

Choose Companies that Have High Ratings without Complaints

  • Does the company have Worker’s Comp and General Liability?
  • Does the company has any complaints with the FMCSA?
  • How knowledgeable was your consultant? Be aware if your consultant is trying to avoid answering certain questions or is not asking the right questions that will help him/her accurately estimate your moving needs.
  • Research the company on-line, find reviews written by actual customers and not the employees of the company. Be aware if the company has too many reviews on a single day.

How to Compare Estimates

  • When moving Locally, how many hours does the consultant estimate for the move?
  • If you are moving Long Distance, what is the estimated weight for your move?
  • How many men does the estimate include? If you have stairs, long carry or large heavy items such as a piano, use a minimum of 3 men team. This will guarantee that the job is getting done as fast as possible.
  • What other extra charges does the estimate include, such as long carry, stairs, and fuel charges? Make sure that you are aware of all the extras before making a decision.
  • In most cases a low hourly rate/price per pound means extra charges. Be careful if your quote is lower than the average quotes you are getting.
  • Is there a minimum of hours or weight that you are obligated for? If your consultant cannot ask the right questions and only quote you for the minimum hours or weight that the company charge, be very careful because your budget for the move will not be accurate.
  • Make sure the estimate shows what certifications the company has. It is very important to see this on the estimate. 
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: if the estimate has too much red text and looks busy and confusing, there is a 90% that it is.

Most Forgotten Items When Preparing for the Move

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Even the most organized people among us tend to forget things sometimes. Moving is a demanding task. Trying to keep up with the moving process, work, and your family is quite a task. American Legion Movers understands the situation. We help thousands of people move each year and we are experiencing the move with our customers. Because of this, we have created the list below as an additional tool to help you organize your move.

  • Plants & Pets – Remember, when moving out of state, plants and pets cannot be safely transported. Make sure you have arranged proper solutions and transportation for your pets and plants.
  • DVDs, Books, and Dry Cleaning – Items such as these are easily forgotten and can be a hassle to return or to get back. Call your local DVD store, Library, Dry Cleaner and check with them for items that need to be returned or picked up.
  • Records / Important Papers – Issuing and obtaining medical and educational records is very important—especially when moving to another state.
  • Hidden Jewelry and Valuables – Who among us has not buried and stashed away, money, jewelry and valuable items. Prior to your move, dig up all hidden treasures and valuables. If you can deposit them with your bank then do so. Make sure you have items you have to take with you secured at all times until you have reached your new residence.
  • Garage Door Opener – Most people will forget to take the garage door opener out of their car and/or leave it with the realtor for the new owner.
  • Keys – Make sure you have collected all spare keys and electronic openers from family members, neighbors and relatives. Typically, the realtor will deliver them to the new owner. In some cases the owner will pick them up himself.
  • Cleaning After the Move – If you plan on doing the cleaning of the residence yourself make sure you set aside cleaning equipment such as a vacuum, rags, broom, bucket, etc.

The Packing Supplies Needed for a Move

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You may think that all you need for your move is a few empty boxes and an empty backseat. While those things will help, there’s much more needed when preparing to relocate. To ensure that you have all of the supplies that you need, here are a few things your favorite moving services company in your area, wants you to remember.


These rolls and sheets of unprinted newsprint are perfect for wrapping your dishes, picture frames, and glasses. To use, wrap any of your delicate items in the packing paper to ensure that they don’t break while in transit to your next place. You can also use packing paper to pad any boxes that have extra space. This keeps things from rattling around or tipping over during the trip.


Along with being able to pop it when you get bored, bubble wrap is crucial when moving. For items that are extremely fragile, use bubble wrap instead of packing tape. Your fine china or glass sculptures should be wrapped multiple times to ensure that they’re safely padded, preventing breakage.


Sure, you can throw all of your belongings willy-nilly into boxes and sort through them when you get to your new place. But, why do that to yourself? Pack up each of the rooms of your home, place the contents in coordinating boxes, and label them. Make sure you label as you pack so that you don’t get any boxes mixed up. You’ll find it much easier to unload and unpack boxes if you know exactly which boxes go in which rooms.


This may not be a supply, but it’s still essential. A professional moving company is a “must” for anyone who is getting ready to move. Whether your new place is in the same town or across state lines, a professional mover will make your relocation simple and easy. With the use of trucks, dollies, and equipment, your belongings will be packed, loaded, and on the road before you know it.


An organized move is a smooth move. Invest in a clipboard and make a list of all of the things that you need to do in order to prepare for moving day. Then, make another list that includes all of the things that should happen on the day of your move. Making a list and keeping it close is the best way to keep from forgetting things. You can also keep any necessary documents attached to your clipboard, including rental documents or the keys to your new place.

Common Moving Mistakes

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Moving to a new home, city, or state can be an exciting new beginning, and it all starts with the big move. The longer you’ve been in your current home, the bigger this project becomes, and you need to map out a moving plan in order to avoid forgetting the small-but-important details. There are many things you should do in preparation for a successful move, but there are also other things you should avoid in order to save yourself a lot of time and headache. Read on for moving tips, mistakes to avoid, and other expert advice on household moving in your area.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is not leaving enough time to take care of things in an orderly fashion. Leaving everything until a few days before the move is sure to guarantee a stressful, disorganized experience. Instead, create a timeline that begins several weeks before your move that allows you to organize your belongings, get rid of unwanted items, carefully pack and label things, clean your home, and feel like you have things under control.


Rather than throwing everything you own into boxes and deciding what to do with all of it when you get there, it’s smarter to organize things before you move and get rid of anything you no longer need. Create designated piles for trash, donations, and things to give to someone else, and only keep the things you love and need in your new home. This will save you from going through all your belongings again after you’ve moved, and it will save you space and boxes on the moving truck.


Many people believe the common misconception that professional movers are an unnecessary expense. The reality is that moving large furniture and certain items on your own is tiring and often hazardous. Unlike moving companies that have experience and insurance, any damage you cause is entirely for you to handle.


While there is no single packing technique that works for every situation, a common mistake is not packing items securely enough. Don’t skimp on the bubble wrap, newspaper, or other padding when it comes to dishes, glassware, or other fragile items. It’s easy to lose track of certain boxes and items in the chaos of a move, so it is better to make sure all your belongings are safe and secure even if they end up out of sight for a while.