The Packing Supplies Needed for a Move

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You may think that all you need for your move is a few empty boxes and an empty backseat. While those things will help, there’s much more needed when preparing to relocate. To ensure that you have all of the supplies that you need, here are a few things your favorite moving services company in your area, wants you to remember.


These rolls and sheets of unprinted newsprint are perfect for wrapping your dishes, picture frames, and glasses. To use, wrap any of your delicate items in the packing paper to ensure that they don’t break while in transit to your next place. You can also use packing paper to pad any boxes that have extra space. This keeps things from rattling around or tipping over during the trip.


Along with being able to pop it when you get bored, bubble wrap is crucial when moving. For items that are extremely fragile, use bubble wrap instead of packing tape. Your fine china or glass sculptures should be wrapped multiple times to ensure that they’re safely padded, preventing breakage.


Sure, you can throw all of your belongings willy-nilly into boxes and sort through them when you get to your new place. But, why do that to yourself? Pack up each of the rooms of your home, place the contents in coordinating boxes, and label them. Make sure you label as you pack so that you don’t get any boxes mixed up. You’ll find it much easier to unload and unpack boxes if you know exactly which boxes go in which rooms.


This may not be a supply, but it’s still essential. A professional moving company is a “must” for anyone who is getting ready to move. Whether your new place is in the same town or across state lines, a professional mover will make your relocation simple and easy. With the use of trucks, dollies, and equipment, your belongings will be packed, loaded, and on the road before you know it.


An organized move is a smooth move. Invest in a clipboard and make a list of all of the things that you need to do in order to prepare for moving day. Then, make another list that includes all of the things that should happen on the day of your move. Making a list and keeping it close is the best way to keep from forgetting things. You can also keep any necessary documents attached to your clipboard, including rental documents or the keys to your new place.