Choosing a Moving Company

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Your moving experience can vary from one company to another. How will you know which company to use? More importantly, learn how to read and compare estimates from different moving companies.

American Legion Movers is proud to present the ultimate guide to choosing the right moving company.

The Checklist

  • Is the company licensed, insured and certified?
  • Is the company a PRO MOVER certified?
  • How many complaints does the company have?

Choose Companies that Have High Ratings without Complaints

  • Does the company have Worker’s Comp and General Liability?
  • Does the company has any complaints with the FMCSA?
  • How knowledgeable was your consultant? Be aware if your consultant is trying to avoid answering certain questions or is not asking the right questions that will help him/her accurately estimate your moving needs.
  • Research the company on-line, find reviews written by actual customers and not the employees of the company. Be aware if the company has too many reviews on a single day.

How to Compare Estimates

  • When moving Locally, how many hours does the consultant estimate for the move?
  • If you are moving Long Distance, what is the estimated weight for your move?
  • How many men does the estimate include? If you have stairs, long carry or large heavy items such as a piano, use a minimum of 3 men team. This will guarantee that the job is getting done as fast as possible.
  • What other extra charges does the estimate include, such as long carry, stairs, and fuel charges? Make sure that you are aware of all the extras before making a decision.
  • In most cases a low hourly rate/price per pound means extra charges. Be careful if your quote is lower than the average quotes you are getting.
  • Is there a minimum of hours or weight that you are obligated for? If your consultant cannot ask the right questions and only quote you for the minimum hours or weight that the company charge, be very careful because your budget for the move will not be accurate.
  • Make sure the estimate shows what certifications the company has. It is very important to see this on the estimate. 
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: if the estimate has too much red text and looks busy and confusing, there is a 90% that it is.