Most Forgotten Items When Preparing for the Move

Even the most organized people among us tend to forget things sometimes. Moving is a demanding task. Trying to keep up with the moving process, work, and your family is quite a task. American Legion Movers understands the situation. We help thousands of people move each year and we are experiencing the move with our customers. Because of this, we have created the list below as an additional tool to help you organize your move.

  • Plants & Pets – Remember, when moving out of state, plants and pets cannot be safely transported. Make sure you have arranged proper solutions and transportation for your pets and plants.
  • DVDs, Books, and Dry Cleaning – Items such as these are easily forgotten and can be a hassle to return or to get back. Call your local DVD store, Library, Dry Cleaner and check with them for items that need to be returned or picked up.
  • Records / Important Papers – Issuing and obtaining medical and educational records is very important—especially when moving to another state.
  • Hidden Jewelry and Valuables – Who among us has not buried and stashed away, money, jewelry and valuable items. Prior to your move, dig up all hidden treasures and valuables. If you can deposit them with your bank then do so. Make sure you have items you have to take with you secured at all times until you have reached your new residence.
  • Garage Door Opener – Most people will forget to take the garage door opener out of their car and/or leave it with the realtor for the new owner.
  • Keys – Make sure you have collected all spare keys and electronic openers from family members, neighbors and relatives. Typically, the realtor will deliver them to the new owner. In some cases the owner will pick them up himself.
  • Cleaning After the Move – If you plan on doing the cleaning of the residence yourself make sure you set aside cleaning equipment such as a vacuum, rags, broom, bucket, etc.

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